6 Must Have Apps for your New Apple Watch

So you found an Apple Watch under the tree- you’ve set it up, played with it for a bit, and now you need some apps to test out. I’m in the same boat, and I’ve found some apps that helped fix immediate questions and issues I had with my user experience. Check out my recommendations below!


5 Tech Founders who Scratched their own Itch

Silicon Valley has long been home turf for tech startup founders eager to bring their game-changing ideas to the world. Many of these innovators identified specific pain points that motivated them to create solutions. Creating ideas by solving a personal pain point is commonly referred to as “scratching your own itch” – Read on for five companies founded to scratch an itch!

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15 Minutes with the Surface Studio

I had a chance to try out the new Microsoft Surface Studio today at a local Microsoft store. I came away really impressed with the screen, but what stole my attention was the Dial, a small puck-shaped control medium. Check out my thoughts on Microsoft’s latest desktop!

Noindex, No Problems: 6 Good Uses for Noindex Tags

Noindexed pages are pages of a website that specifically tell Google and other search engines not to include them in search results. Now at first glance, this seems like an SEO nightmare, but there...

How to Create Retweetable Visual Content in Five minutes

Leveraging quotations to your advantage can increase your Retweets by 30% while boosting the Retweet rate of followup tweets. See how Pablo + Buffer make it easy to create custom photos and share them throughout your content stream. Read on for tips on creating high-quality quotations in minutes!

The Obama Doctrine: Review and Commentary

I wanted to share and comment on some of my favorite sections of Jeffery Goldberg’s article on Obama’s foreign policy experiences. Read on for candid reflections on ISIS, Libya, Putin, and more from America’s 44th president.