How to Create Retweetable Visual Content in Five minutes



To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the question.


Quotations are a great source of content for Twitter. Short, retweetable, and easily shared through photos, quotations help you maintain a varied content stream and connect with your community. Leveraging quotations to your advantage can increase your Retweets by 30% while boosting the Retweet rate of followup tweets. See how Pablo + Buffer make it easy to create custom photos and share them throughout your content stream.

Read on for tips on creating high-quality quotations in minutes!

Find Quotes that Resonate with your Community

When selecting quotes to share, make sure you’re sharing content that not only resonates with you but helps connect you to your community. One way to do this is to find out what your community is already discussing with tools like RiteTag or

Ritetag helps you identify hashtags and key influencers within your community. Finding popular hashtags by topic will produce a list of key phrases and concepts for you to draw on when selecting quotations. is another useful tool for visualizing networks between topics and can help you see related ideas and subcommunities worth learning more about.

Build high-production custom images with Pablo


It took me less than three minutes to find a quote I liked and an inspirational science/tech photo

For creating the graphics I highly recommend Buffer’s Pablo. The tool easily lets you include high-quality photos, add your text, and schedule your tweet through Buffer all without leaving the page. You can upload your own photos if you have a preferred stock photo, or check out Hubspot’s roundup of the 20 best free stock photo sites. Pablo even has a quote selector built into it, allowing you to automatically insert randomly selected quotes from the Buffer Database. While I’d personally recommend picking more targeted quotes, Pablo is the way to go if you’re looking for a tool to create quality content quickly.

Schedule your Content Stream

“Play your cards right by scheduling your whole weekend content stream on Friday afternoon and you can kick back with a beer on Saturday, confident in your content.”

So now you have your spiffy-looking quotations, time to go full bore and tweet fifty over the next 25 minutes.


Research has shown one of the largest factors that can cause users to unfollow someone is posting too many tweets within a short time period. Now that you have a backlog of unique shareable content, you want to intersperse your long form content with shorter more digestible pieces. You don’t really have to tweet as often as you think, with the optimal tweeting frequency resting around 1-4 an hour (per @kissmetrics). Use a content scheduler to space out your quotations – I recommend Buffer for its ease-of-use and simple integration with (for unique link shortening + tracking) and Pablo. Play your cards right by scheduling your whole weekend content stream on Friday afternoon and you can kick back with a beer on Saturday, confident in your content.