Tristan Amond

  • 5 Tech Founders who Scratched their own Itch

    Silicon Valley has long been home turf for tech startup founders eager to bring their game-changing ideas to the world. Many of these innovators identified specific pain points that motivated them to create solutions. Creating ideas by solving a personal pain point is commonly referred to as “scratching your own itch” – Read on for five companies founded to scratch an itch!

  • 15 Minutes with the Surface Studio

    I had a chance to try out the new Microsoft Surface Studio today at a local Microsoft store. I came away really impressed with the screen, but what stole my attention was the Dial, a small puck-shaped control medium. Check out my thoughts on Microsoft’s latest desktop!

  • Noindex, No Problems: 6 Good Uses for Noindex Tags

    Noindex, Google, and You Noindexed pages are pages of a website that specifically tell Google and other search engines not to include them in search results. Now at first glance, this seems like an SEO nightmare, but there are a few times when using a noindex tag can be a good thing. Read on for […]

  • Creating Animation Rigs with DUik in After Effects

    Duduf’s DUik plugin is a powerful animation rigging tool for Adobe After Effects. Check out my quick tutorial and workflow advice!

  • How to Create Retweetable Visual Content in Five minutes

    Leveraging quotations to your advantage can increase your Retweets by 30% while boosting the Retweet rate of followup tweets. See how Pablo + Buffer make it easy to create custom photos and share them throughout your content stream. Read on for tips on creating high-quality quotations in minutes!